New World Order hijinks

At this time, the free nations and people of this planet face their greatest danger in modern time. I wish I was kidding, but I’m not. The fact that it is so little talked about is a testimony to the colossal problem that will face the world if it is brought about. Yes, it’s time to talk about the New World Order

Unfortunately, this is not a doomsayer babble, conspiracy theorist drug hallucination, or religious wacko panic. It’s quite real — a communist New World Order is forming. And this has all begun in… wait, don’t take me away, people in white coats! I’m just kidding! The United Nations is our friend, huh huh huh.

An alarmingly increasing number of international “policing” organizations are taking a move towards a totalitarist World Order. The prime culprit, of course, is the United Nations. You may have heard of the Millennium Assembly which took place in New York on September 6-8. It was in the news, but its consequences weren’t. The two main measures adopted during this Assembly were the Earth Charter, and a Declaration.

Amongst other things, the Earth Charter is based on an altruistic, communistic view of man, proposing that “all beings are interdependent” and that “every form of life has value regardless of its worth to human beings” — as if there was any other standard of value.

What are the consequences of these absurd premises? The UN wishes to “manage the use of renewable resources such as water, soil, forest products, and marine life… [to] protect the health of ecosystems”, without regard for human needs. It also demands that we “act with restraint and efficiency when using energy”, again without regard for human needs but for the arbitrary “value” of life. It also wishes to rule by the fist the prosperity of nations by “promot[ing] the equitable distribution of wealth within nations and among nations” and “a fair distribution of the earth’s resources”, without regard for the actual contribution of the people within a nation to mankind. In short, redistribution of wealth according to need — a communist planet. It also seeks to render countries defenseless against the UN’s desired tyranny by “demilitariz[ing] national security systems” (the UN being too weak to impose its will when everyone else is armed).

The Declaration is equally tyrannical, clamoring for “redistribution [of] wealth and land”, prohibition of “unilateral deployment of nationwide missile defense by any country”, a “UN arms register”, “peace education”, and the elimination of permanent vetoes in the UN (to eliminate those pesky Americans from stopping all these wonderful measures).

Other international organizations, who don’t necessarily make the news, also clamour for a New World Order. One of these is the International Monetary Fund, which promotes economical regulations, and supported by 182 countries. Its latest “World Economic Outlook” report is a virtual call for more socialism in the United States. It demands that the United States “restrain the growth of domestic demand” and “resist calls for tax reductions” in order to weaken the United States in favour of Japan and Europe.

The IMF works on the same assumption that everybody else has in terms of “competition” : that progress is only possible when all the competitors are equally matched. The whole philosophy behind “anti-trust” attacks against the United States’ prosperity is as misguided as the attacks against Microsoft. And both could be crippling to the world economy.

Another such organization is the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development. The OECD, supported by 29 industrialized nations, has recently delivered a report called “Towards Global Tax Co-operation”, exhorting member nations to make their taxes higher and eliminate financial privacy laws! Don’t laugh. Somehow the world is supposed to develop without any fair tax competition. We see here the same mentality of “equalizing” present in the policies of the United Nations and the IMF — that aims for the control of prosperity. Instead of exhorting everyone to follow the example of “tax heavens”, which derive much of their riches to shrewd legislation, the OECD desires the entire world to punish these countries.

These various attacks on international competition and attempts to establish a World Order are not unusual, in the sense that they are simply extensions of the policies of member nations. When even the United States bows down to the bullying threats of communist Russia and China to leave itself defenseless against missile attacks, who can blame international organization for trying to take down the United States’ economical and political power in the world? When even the United States, the most free and prosper country in the world, continues to tax its own people and squeeze out economical and social freedom, who could possibly oppose measures designed to destroy the freedom of the world’s population? The answer, of course, is: no one could possibly oppose itself to these measures, and nobody does.

However, international measures are different from national measures in one important sense. By adopting anti-trust economical measures at the scope of the whole world, we would effectively eliminate any tax competition as surely as breaking Tiger Woods’ arm in the name of fair play would make golf competitions plummet.

Take the example of Cuba, which has been taken over by the totalitarian regime of Fidel Castro. Well, you can still try to escape to the United States in some way (except if you’re a little kid with no money or power, in which case the government will give you back to your oppressors without a second thought). Now, what if the whole world is totalitarian? Unless you have a space shuttle in your garage, sorry pal, you’re not leaving.