Welcome to the libertarian humour page ! If you have any jokes or material you’d like to submit, do not hesitate to do so.

Here is a list of political comics from my StripCreator account : click here. The other links are available at the bottom of this page.

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Mallard Fillmore
Scott Bieser’s political art
Reason Magazine now has Friday Funnies.
Get Your War On – a comic series about the “war on terrorism”

Humour sites

Save the humans – “shock therapy for the planet Earth”. Funny news commentaries and humour lists from an objectivist perspective. A must-see !
Eco-America – a humour script that lampoons eco-fascism. Very funny – hope this is made into a movie sometime !
Heather has two mommies – a semi-satirical tale of Politically Correct.
Center for No Alternatives
Bill of no-Rights
The hottest feminist contest
An Electric Sheep Thanksgiving Special – a parody of genetic modifications eco-disaster scenarios.
PC Primer

Humour articles

IMMEDIATE ATTENTION NEEDED!!! – by “Deborah”. What if George Bush was a Nigerian Scammer ?
United States Armed Forces Draft Registration – For those who want to fight for their statist plutocrat masters, here is a handy (and honest) draft form.
George Bush’s Nigerian scam – by anonymous. Help George get Iraq’s oil ! Give your money today.
People Discover Guns May be Responsible for Deaths – by Sean Riley. The absurdity of lawsuits against our freedoms, taken to the extreme.
The Real Constitution Discovered in Parallel Universe – by Joseph R. Stromberg. It turns out they *do* follow a constitution, just not the right one. Stromberg has managed to put his hands on it.
The Satirical Political Beliefs Assessment Test – by Donald J. Hagen. A humorous test to discover if you’re a conservative, liberal, libertarian, or a communist.
Citizen’s Self-Arrest Form – Unlike what I thought, this page is not serious. But it’s still funny in its police-state-naivete.

The Sublimely Ridiculous

Kansas Department of Revenue – Drug Tax Stamp – Drugs are illegal, but Kansas still wants to get taxes from them. I’m not sure what universe government employees live in.
About-Face – “About-Face provides a place where all women count”… by denigrating women who work in fashion advertisements.
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Division of Rehabilitation-Education Services – Handicapping Language: A Guide for Journalists and the Public – Pretty explicit… your very serious guide to political correctness.
Peace Rug – Or how to teach meekness and obedience to authority to little children and adults alike.
WAR-LINE – “War Against Rape”. Sounds good until you realize that their definition of “rape” includes prostitution, going to see strippers, and renting sex videos.

The Top 10 Things to Do to Anyone Who’s Happy About the Breakup of Microsoft by Jason Roth 

Open up a lemonade stand across the street from their house and run their kids out of business.
Send them a videotape of yourself wearing a Bill Gates mask and having sex with their spouse.
Force all the women in their family to get hysterectomies so their family doesn’t get “too big and powerful”.
Expel their children from school for getting high grades and being “anti-competitive”.
Mandate that the wife of the family participate in voluntary acts of sexual gratification with other men of the neighborhood, so the woman’s husband isn’t allowed a sexual monopoly.
Agree with them that materialism is evil and give away all their money and material possessions to starving Ethiopians.
Nationalize their bathroom.
Subpoena their internal memos (e.g., their most embarrassing love letters) and circulate them around the Internet.
Break up their family into two distinct, competing families, one of which may have custody of little Johnny, and another which may develop and distribute little Mary Ann.
Delete every Microsoft application and document on their computer, leaving only a Microsoft version of the Linux operating system.