The Libertarian Thought Website View on Warfare

Libertarianism Philosophy Arguments – Why Libertarianism is the Only Solution to War?

While warfare is not the widespread problem it was during the last centuries, the World Wars have demonstrated just how deadly wartime use of technology has become. Of course, internet technology has allowed all businesses to compete against each other online globally, which overall result was more benefits for users and lower prices. One example is online Microgaming casinos, which offer many more games than mortar and brick casinos and allow users to try their games without risk by using their no deposit bonuses. Libertarian Thought gained the …

Capitalism and Liberal View on Politics

Capitalism’s limit cases?

It is a fait établi that most people maintain that centralisation and the erosion of our freedoms is a good thing. But that is far from the truth. Imagine that from tomorrow, you are not able to access the internet to read the news, communicate with others, or play your favorite casino games online on sites like It will immediately affect our lives, and our freedom will become much more critical. Such thoughts are based on rhetoric and ignorance of basic political principles, and we are justified, as libertarians, to reject them. However, a sizable …

Education – Libertarianism Philosophy Strengths and Weaknesses

Regulated Education Libertarianismo

As any scientist knows, the test of any theory is not only what data it can explain, but also what it cannot explain. Ultimately Libertarian, the only way to determine which theory is the best fit to reality is by attempting to disprove it, notably by making predictions that must arise if the theory is true, or by making specific experiments to show that some condition is not true.

This is why the study done by the OECD last November was very interesting data for me to examine, because at first glance it seems to be …

Libertarian Thought Website Ecoquiz

Economic Policy Quiz – Contemporary Political Philosophy

1. Choose one economic policy between :
Protectionism and barriers to entry Fair trade Free trade

2. Choose one economic policy between :
Maintain or raise minimum wage Eliminate minimum wage

3. Choose one economic policy between :
Taxes are necessary to compensate for inequality Taxes should be cut as much as possible A flat tax should be instituated

4. Choose one economic policy between :
Corporate welfare should save jobs Corporate welfare to the successful No more corporate welfare and subsidies

5. Choose one economic policy between :
Intensify the war on …

Old Days of Libertarian Thought

In the Good Old Days…

Ah, the Good Old Days of Libertarian Thought, before capitalism and greedy industrialists ruined everything. This is the wonderful world of the “Little House on the Prairie”. Let’s see how much better things were back then.

* People lived to 40 years old. Who wants to live longer anyway ? I mean, at 40 you’ve about seen it all, right ?
* Medicine was much more down-to-earth. If you had a broken leg, Uncle Willy would pop it back into place, and then he’d tie a board to your leg. You might walk a …


The Government Takes a Vacation

In the town of Lebanon, Maine, where about five thousand people live, they don’t need a government this summer. After the population voted down all town budgets, the Town Office is closed until at least the next vote – August 14th – and most services are privately contracted in the meantime. And most people are content with the situation. Not only that, but they did it before, a decade ago.

That means no more police station, car registrations, marriage licenses, health code violations, tax collectors, animal control officers or rescue teams in Lebanon, for the …


Measuring progress

Progress is a vast, encompassing word. People have varying opinions about it. Some people see it as an unfortunate but necessary process, by which we can finally have a higher standard of life. Some people are anti-progress : anti-technologists, communists, ascetists, and so on.

Because of all these different views, measuring progress is also a muddled endeavour. Everyone claims his own brand of “progress”. For example, environmentalists claim that such measures must incorporate resource preservation. “Civil rights” advocates claim that they must include equality and socialisation of society as a standard. Obviously, we as libertarians think quite …


The Fallacy of Collectives : What Common Good ?

We hear a lot of rhetoric about “society”, “culture”, and “the common good”. We are often asked by politicians and journalists to surrender our freedom for these things. But one rarely stops to ask oneself what it is exactly we are surrendering to. The notion of a society existing as an independent entity is, to say the least, problematic. How may we understand the problem ? And more importantly, how can we understand group dynamics from a rational viewpoint, and how does it apply to politics ?

Aggregates in action

We …