Activism page from
A helping hand for teenagers : Libertarian Rock
A liberterian activist web site : Bureaucrash
Here is another very interesting organization : Counterprotest.

Are you a student forced to do voluntarism ? Support libertarian causes, like this girl who militated for marijuana.
Petition against Canadian customs censorship.
Web site to help you email every member of the US Congress, or use the Governmail.
Become an arms trafficker for free.
ACLU National Freedom Scorecard of American senators and representatives.
A Campaign to save American libertarian hero John Stossel.
Petition for the separation of school and state.
Help to take down the corrupt Social Security system.
Support a real election campaign reform in the United States.
Million4Roe is desperately trying to save women’s rights.
“JPFO Wants to Give You Money — Will You Take It??”


Anti-income tax ad – This ad campaign is spreading around the country. Download it and post it at work or, if you have the money, put it in your local newspaper. We need your help !
Posters you can download – against gun control. These HTML posters are extremely powerful and to-the-point. You have to see these ones, especially the new anti-Million Mom March posters !
Incredible posters – against gun control. These images are sure to make a sensation. Powerful message.
Homeland Security – Some posters you can print against the new “anti-terrorist” anti-civil-liberty measures.
Libertarian tract (in Word format) – for Quebec, bilingual. Using the separatist movement to make a point. Sure to make everyone agree !
TYRANNY RESPONSE TEAM NEWS (ads in Acrobat format) – The Tyranny Response Team posts ads that they have made public at the bottom of their web site.
World’s Smallest Political Quiz – You already know this quiz based on the Nolan Chart… now you can download it on printed form and distribute or give it to a friend !
Universal Windows blocking software bypass program – Stop institutionalized censorship NOW. Install this program on all school or library computers and help stop the government’s attempts to muzzle us !

Freedom Action of the Week – Take action every week with Many of the web sites here come from a weekly Action.
ACLU – in spite of their anti-death penalty stand, the ACLU is a prime mover in questions of freedom and justice. Don’t hesitate to contact them for help.
Libertarian Coordination – A web site that coordinates Libertarian efforts – check it out.
Junk Science store – Sells a poster debunking fraudulent eco-nut claims.
Libertarian Talking Points – A web site to help Libertarians answer common objections.
Introduction to Libertarianism – offers a very exhaustive introduction to libertarianism.
In Memory of Sexually Mutilated Children – Information and help to fight sexual mutilation of babies – male and female circumcision.
iOptOut of Social Security – The activism page of a site devoted to stop the Social Security scam.
eBarricades – An activism directory, open to all causes but a lot of many gun choice causes are available.
Coalition to save hemp – The DEA is attacking hemp-made products, and manufacturers need your support.
Random Acts of Sovereignty – The joys of civil disobediance.
Boycotting businesses which ban guns – Just as it says. Also, print your own boycott cards.
Open the Can – If you want to send a clear message against the war on drugs, send a can of sardines along with their labels.
Free John Thoburn !