Abolish the United Nations

It’s way past time for it to go.

After fifty-plus years of mucking about in the affairs of the world, the moguls of the United Nations are stepping up their efforts to strip you of your rights and your freedoms.

On July 9, 2001, a United Nations sponsored event will continue the assault on your right to defend yourself by using a handgun, rifle, or shotgun. The “United Nations Conference on the Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons in All its Aspects” will burn guns in that notoriously victim-disarmament oriented city, New York, as a symbol of their commitment to save us all from ourselves.

The collectivists and statists roaming the halls of the United Nations want to dictate all aspects of gun usage: how they are manufactured, the manner in which they can be sold, and who will be permitted to buy them.

You can bet your bottom dollar that you will not be one of those “sanctioned” to buy or possess those dastardly tools of death, guns. Only the rich, politically connected, or select few leaders will have access to any practical means of self-defense. A case study indicating how this will work can be seen in the disgusting anti-self-defense rhetoric of Senator Diane I’ve-Never-Seen-A-Gun-Control-Law-I-Didn’t-Like Feinstein — who nevertheless has a concealed carry permit.

Oh, yes, just as in George Orwell’s Animal House, we’re all equal, but some of us are more equal than others.

One of the first things that United Nations “peace”-keepers do whenever they enter a hot spot is seek to disarm the combatants. After all, they say, all wide-eyed and innocent, the more guns there are, the less safe everyone is!

This nonsense is the same brand of propaganda spewed forth in the lies our own politicians tell. It’s ensconced in the lunacy of “zero tolerance” policies in our government-run schools. It resonates well with the insulated and parochial intellects of so many folks who inhabit the larger cities of this country.

Not everyone buys in to this fairy tale, however. In Northern Ireland, for example, the so-called peace accord they are trying to implement is in danger of derailment. The Irish Republican Army is refusing to turn in their weapons. Maybe some of those combatants are familiar with what Fidel Castro’s men told the citizens of Cuba: “Why, you won’t need your guns anymore. Trust us! We’ll protect you. . .”

Just like that guy in New York City who tried to sell me the deed to this big, old bridge he owned.

What minuscule bits of good the United Nations may have accomplished in its overly-long tenure is vastly overridden by its dogged turtle march towards world dictatorship.

Its so-called “Universal Bill of Rights” (a.k.a., the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) justifies the worst abuses of our politically-correct, welfare state culture, and leads many countries to codify those horrors into the iron-grip of constitutional law. This declaration of “rights” is strikingly similar to the one elucidated by that well-known fascist, Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

The UBR and FDR both decreed that, among other “positive rights,” people have a “right” to a job; a “right” to a minimum income; and a “right” to housing, medical care, food, clothing, a “free” education, and recreation.

As Ayn Rand said in her essay, “Man’s Rights” (The Virtue of Selfishness, p. 96): “At whose expense?” (emphasis in original).

The U.N. cloaks in the language of rights a call for the enslavement of the most productive segment of society to the least.

The Lamb Shall Lie Down with the Lion
The UBR also calls for enforced “public services”; arbitrary rules to push arbitrarily defined “social and cultural rights”; compulsory, state-determined education; regulation of the mother-child relationship; mandated PC “tolerance” and voiding of free speech; and the explicit subordination of the individual to the “community.”

As can be readily observed, a large percentage of these outrages are already law in this country. In addition to losing your right to keep and bear arms, you will be deprived protection of a laundry list of other rights guaranteed in the Constitution and our own Bill of Rights. (See The Firearms Sentinel, Spring/Summer and Fall, 1998, published by the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. This two-part article gives a more detailed listing of what other aspects of your freedom you stand to lose if the U.N. gains ultimate ascendancy.)

The U.N. is also in the forefront of the eco-fascist movement. Anti-science and anti-progress, the United Nations promotes the elimination of some of the most useful chemicals we have available to us; chemicals that have improved the lifestyles of hundreds of millions of humans around the world.

Sadly, on May 24, 2001, the current Bush administration gave its official approval to the “U.N. Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.” This is merely the opening salvo in a charge to ban items using PVC’s and other plastics. (Cf the hysteria of last year generated over the innocuous “plasticizers” used in babies’ toys to soften them. Even though all objective evidence indicates the safety of these chemicals, the emotional tornado of fear stirred up by the eco-fascists led to companies eliminating these plasticizers. Ditto “Scotchgard” that protects your clothes and carpets from stains. Outta there!)

These intrusive policies are not merely wrong-headed, they are killing people. The U.N. sponsored ban on DDT has led to millions of deaths from malaria that did not have to happen. Before the prohibition on DDT, malaria was a problem that had been nearly vanquished.

The discredited “Kyoto Protocol” designed to control the nonexistent “crisis” of “global warming” would cost billions of dollars, lower lifestyles of those laboring under its heavy strictures, and ultimately kill more people as scarce monetary and other resources are diverted from life-enhancing production to life-degrading limitations.

Under the rubric of “bio-diversity,” the United Nations wants to dictate how all land in our nation will be used regardless of such inconveniences as property rights and individual wishes. These despots hope to convert fully half of the United States into “wilderness.” (See my essay, “Eco-Fascism.”)

Eco-fascism is, however, merely one tentacle of this Hydra. In addition to its wars on self-defense, the environment, and property rights, the U.N. also interferes in trade, population issues, and education. Global taxation, a standing U.N. army, international “supreme” courts, and other intrusions wait in the wings.

For decades, the people of the United States have been trashed by an organization for which we are the primary funders. (The critics of our failure to pay our “dues” to the U.N. conveniently forget that the U.S. pays the lion’s share of the busybody “peace-keeping” missions in which we have been embroiled over the decades.) The U.N. has the temerity to kick our delegates off its “human rights” commission while allowing thug nations to remain.

Enough is more than enough.

When I visited New York City recently — my first trip there my wife and I hit all the traditional tourist high spots. One sight I purposefully and deliberately refused to see was the United Nations. I abhor all it represents.

If I were in New York City on July 9th, however, I would venture to the east shore of Manhattan. I would make it clear that I did not sanction their autocratic gesture of burning guns. What should be demonized is not an excellent tool for defending ourselves from the kind of tyranny promoted by the U.N. What should be ridiculed and literally “cast out” of our country is the United Nations itself.

End the U.N. . . .before it is too late.