International Atrocity Day

Suggestions are called for. When would be the best day to mourn the dead of the past few hundred years, people murdered for being the wrong race, the wrong religion, the wrong color, of the wrong attitude, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time?

We need to be reminded each year that Muslims are not the only people to commit atrocities. We need to mourn:

The witches and heretics murdered by the Catholic Church
The Jews murdered by the Catholic Church
The Muslims slaughtered by Richard Coer de Lion at Acre
The Albigenese murdered by Rome for being Gnostic Christians
The Irish murdered by Oliver Cromwell
The Aztecs and Incas annihilated by the Conquistadors
The Protestants murdered in their beds on St Bartholemew’s Day
The Africans murdered by six christian nations during the slavery days
The indigenous indians slaughtered by the early American and Canadian settlers
The Zulus slaughtered by the British
The population of what became Rhodesia slaughtered by the British
The Indians slaughtered by the British
The aborigines slaughtered by the early Australian settlers
The Maoris slaughtered by the early New Zealand settlers
The Filipinos murdered by the USA
The million Irish starved to death by the English
The freed slaves hanged by the Ku Klux Clan
The Spanish murdered by Peron and by the Nazis
The Jews, gypsies and homosexuals murdered by the Nazis
The Chinese murdered by Mao Ze Dong
The Russians murdered by Stalin
The Chinese murdered by the Japanese
The Koreans murdered by the Japanese
The rest of Asian murdered by the Japanese
The Serbs murdered by Croations for not converting to Catholicism
The Hindus murdered by Muslims
The Muslims murdered by Hindus
The Shiites and Sarais murdered by Sunnis
The Irish murdered by the Irish
The Cambodians murdered by Kissinger, Nixon and co
The Cambodians murdered by Pol Pot
The Lebanese murdered by Ariel Sharon
The Palestinians murdered by Israelis
The Israelis murdered by Palestinians
The Argentinians murdered by the ‘generals’
The Nicauragurans murdered by the Contras
The Chilians murdered by Pinochet
The Panamanians murdered by the USA
The Swiss tourists murdered by Egyptians
The Kosovars murdered by the Serbs
The Africans murdered by Africans
The Kurds gassed by Saddam Hussein
The Afgannis murdered by the Taliban
The New Yorkers murdered by Saudi Arabians and Egyptians

These are just a few of the atrocities that come instantly to mind, there have been many, many more. Most of them were committed by nations who now feign “horror” at Muslim atrocities. I have not even mentioned the billions of peopled killed during ‘legitimate’ wars (if there is such a thing. I mean, how legitimate was it to drop flaming napalm on women and children?) These were civilian people going about their private business, tending their farms, their rice fields and their families, and who were murdered because it suited powerful nations to eliminate them.

How about September 1st for International Atrocity Day? It might put that mini atrocity known as 9/11 into some kind of perspective.