A is for…

A is for Austrian Economics,
Which shows us why government intervention fails.

B is for Bastiat (Frédéric),
Who showed us that
There are things seen and things unseen.

C is for Capitalism,
That’s easy, capitalism is our friend.

D is for Drugs,
Something so terrible that we need
To declare war against each other for it.

E is for Evolving,
And that’s what everything does,
Even economies and societies.

F is for Fairness,
That’s what socialists think they stand for,
But that which they lack the most.

G is for Government and Gun,
Because the government is the power of the gun
Turned against its people.

H is for History,
Which keeps repeating itself,
But nobody studies it anyway.

I is for Isolationism,
But we prefer to have our soldiers get killed
In some dusty foreign country.

J is for Jefferson (Thomas),
Who wrote a bunch of things,
But we have to reinterpret them all the time.

K is for Killing,
That which governments like to do a lot.

L is for Liberty,
Because we were born in a “free country”,
And all we got was this lousy Statue of.

M is for Massacre,
Because school shootings are fun.
Why else ban guns in schools ?

N is for Nannies,
Because that’s what the New Left is.

O is for Opportunity Cost,
Which shows us how money spent on the state
Is lost for everything else.

P is for Price,
A little bit of information that we like to censor,
Much like KKK pamphlets.

Q is for Question,
Which is what you should do about authority.

R is very important.
It stands for Reality, Reason, Rights, and Rand (Ayn),
Because it all starts with them.

S is for Society,
A convenient construct to pin responsability on.

T is for Taxes,
Our debt to our rulers,
That we all love to pay.

U is for Universal Health Care,
Because I live in Canada,
And I know it’s terrible.

V is for Von Mises (Ludwig),
Who is the father of Austrian Economics.

W is for Wars,
Which all end up badly, except for governments.

X is for Xians,
People that Bush gives charity funding to.

Y is for Yelling “fire” in a crowded theater,
Because it’s supposed to show
That free speech is wrong.
(Have these guys ever heard
about contractual agreements ?)

Z is for Zzzzzz,
Because I am now going to sleep.