This is a small 20 question quiz. Select all statements in accordance with your own political opinion and press “Get Score”.

Public censorship of society and science should be stopped.
No special rights for appointed officials.
The war against drug-users is misguided.
Subsidy programs must be eliminated.
Tarriffs must be eliminated.
Public education must end.
The environment is best protected by enforcing property rights.
We must end public foreign aid.
Guns should not be regulated for honest citizens – we must be able to defend ourselves.
Health care is an important matter, and should be part of the free market.
The Internet should stay unregulated.
We should defend our own country, not the entire world.
Welfare must be ended, in order to fight poverty.
Privacy extends to one’s own property – the government cannot seize you with impunity.
Social Security is a pyramid scam.
Taxes should be repelled.
Free trade brings prosperity, and should exist whenever possible.
Abortion is a personal choice.
Affirmative action is institutionalized racism and should be stopped.
The separation of church and state should be upheld more than ever.

Your Libertarianism Score = %

A score above 75% indicates that you are a libertarian. Scoring between 55 and 75% indicates a libertarian tendancy.

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