Cheering the Eternal Losers Libertarians are basically people who have come to one basic realisation: government doesn’t work. This may seem like a rather superficial proposition. We must therefore make this bromide more precise. The optimal state of a society, as we know from politics, is what we call a free society – where people […]


Good Greed and Bad Greed Greed is perhaps the most maligned human impulse. It is attributed the failure and fall of civilisation, the sum of all evils, and the modern dissapearance of spirituality. It is perhaps that which is said should be eliminated first, but seems to thrive the most. Usually, the people who declare […]


ARE YOU A LIBERTARIAN ? This is a small 20 question quiz. Select all statements in accordance with your own political opinion and press “Get Score”. Public censorship of society and science should be stopped. No special rights for appointed officials. The war against drug-users is misguided. Subsidy programs must be eliminated. Tarriffs must be […]

Cults Communism

Cults and Communism Cults are a hot news item because of their usually nefarious and dramatic actions. They have a lot of fanatics, and it is in the human nature to bow down to someone, be it a god or a human being with a lot of charisma. But what exactly are cults? The word […]


Politics is a pseudo-religion (by Michael Wong) Actually, I feel that communism and religion are two sides of the same coin. They both suffer from the same problem; the assumption that a society of sheep is too stupid to govern itself. The Church bases its argument on morality, claiming that the sheep are too stupid […]


Quebec : Anti-Separatism I do not usually write about topics that are laid on concrete terms, and I do not usually talk about regional topics. I am well aware that most of my readership is American, since atheism and Objectivism are movements that are both primarily American in nature. However I do hope that I […]


People Discover Guns May be Responsible for Deaths February 10th, 1999 – People Discover Guns May be Responsible for Deaths Just when you thought it was safe to hate the NRA, there comes along a group of dipshits even worse. Due to the nearly 14,000 firearm related deaths that occured in 1996, a number of […]


Intention and crime The general question of criminality is not an entirely puzzling one. For example, most people would agree that murder is a crime, that theft is a crime, and so on. This is pretty universal opinion. However, we find much less uniformity on more precise questions, such as punishment and redemption, or what […]