Capitalism is not corporatism The word “capitalism”, like most political terms, engenders a lot of confusion and loading. It is a loaded “bad” word, evoking all sorts of social ills, egoism and greed (although I do not think those are bad things, of course). But it is also often equated with corporate exploitation or an […]


Is humanity progressing ? As time goes by, is society getting better or worse ? Are we gaining or losing freedom ? Are we progressing ? Is the environment cleaner or more polluted ? The mainstream view is that everything is getting worse and worse. Things, we are told, were much better during the last […]


An evaluation of capitalism vs statism The 20th century has seen the degradation of the classical liberal model of government into various kinds of statism. Some of the more proeminent were, of course, fascism and communism. However, milder kinds of centrism have also become proeminent in virtually all countries. Statism – the idea that a […]


We are not our brothers’ keepers When discussing world politics, a sense of perspective is needed. While our North American and European countries seem to be rather average in our eyes, they are, for the most part, the richest and freest countries in the world. Almost all the countries in other regions lie below the […]


Has Libertarianism fallen ? Libertarianism is awfully unpopular. While this has no bearing on its truth or falsity, it does have a lot of bearing on its real-life applications. Any attention that it gets as a political option is tainted with the idea that IT’S SO MARGINAL, which makes it easy to objectify it. So […]