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Economic Policy Quiz – Contemporary Political Philosophy

1. Choose one economic policy between :
Protectionism and barriers to entry Fair trade Free trade

2. Choose one economic policy between :
Maintain or raise minimum wage Eliminate minimum wage

3. Choose one economic policy between :
Taxes are necessary to compensate for inequality Taxes should be cut as much as possible A flat tax should be instituated

4. Choose one economic policy between :
Corporate welfare should save jobs Corporate welfare to the successful No more corporate welfare and subsidies

5. Choose one economic policy between :
Intensify the war on poverty End social programs and work regulations

6. Choose the ideology closest to yours :
Small corporations are necessary, big corporations are evil Corporations are necessary for a large-scale economy, but must be regulated Corporations must not be regulated

7. Choose an ideology closest to yours :
All property is theft The right to property is necessary for freedom All property is a priviledge

8. Choose an ideology closest to yours :
Everyone should be equal under the law Producers should have the right to dictate laws


Capitalist score = 

Corporatist (right-wing) score = 

Syndicalist (left-wing) score =