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Modern Political Philosophy Through Film

2081 is an adaptation, in a short film, the news of Kurt Vonnegut: Harrison Bergeron. This news was published in French under the title “Poor Superman ” and published in various collections of Science Fiction. The film is available for sale on a few months. A website is dedicated to it. Edward Cline is an American novelist, author of many articles published in the magazine Capitalism. In this review, he presents 2081 as a theory of justice of Rawls images. An illustration of the nightmare of egalitarianism.

2081: philosophy in motion

I recently …

Hitler Pizza

Hitler Pizza

Discrimination is alive and well in modern society. Ironically, the worst discrimination nowadays is made in the name of fighting against discrimination.

For example, take the use of “politically correct” expressions. How ridiculous it is. When somebody tells me he is an “African-American”, I usually reply “ah, what part of Africa are you from ?”. But seriously, most politically correct expressions are even more racist than the prior ones.

Take for example the notion of “black culture” or “black rights“. Such expressions imply that every single black person is the same and is confronted with the …