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“I could have stopped Columbine, but I didn’t” –God

“I support the separation of money and state”

“Arrêtez le massacre – privatisez la santé” (in french and english)

John Hoffman made the art itself on most of these t-shirts.
If you have any suggestions or big images to propose for t-shirts, mugs or mousepads, feel free to send. Note : these t-shirts are not sold by me (only designed), but by Cafepress.

Here are two cool designs from Geekstyle (as much as I hate their store) : Police State and Stay Asleep

“Don’t blame me, I voted Libertarian”
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I am an and associate ! You will find here all the best libertarian books (or videos) that should be in your library. I guarantee you that I only recommend books that I already have and found to be essential or that are historically relevant.
If you wish to buy a book, and do not find it here, please email me ! I will link to it in the “requests” section for your convenience.


Facts, Not Fear : Teaching Children About the Environment
Facts Not Fear (no image) is a book to help teach your children the real facts about the environment, instead of using eco-nut propaganda. (
The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible (A Free Market Odyssey) – click here for more
“Twice honored by the Freedoms Foundation – Charming satirical stories to help children understand freedom” (
Critical Thinking about Environmental Issues – click here for more
“Two educational and research organizations have initiated a new series of books for young people called “Critical Thinking about Environmental Issues.” Unlike many environmental books found in schools today, this series offers objective and balanced discussions of controversial issues in an attractive and readable format.” (PERC)


Probability Broach
From L Neil Smith, former candidate for President. An anarcho-capitalist politican novel about a PI, living in an alternate communist America, who gets in more trouble than he’d like. I love this novel. (from Also from Neil Smith : Hope.
Unintended Consequences
A libertarian thriller about gun control. Here’s another book the government doesn’t want you to read. (
“Revolutions is a powerful tale of love, loyalty, murder, and redemption, set in Russia in the late nineteenth century.” A lbertarian novel whose author had the graciousness of pointing my attention to it. (
State of Fear
“In “State of Fear”, Michael Crichton delivers a lightning-paced technopolitical thriller that turns on a controversial notion: All that talk we’ve been hearing about global warming — you know, polar ice caps melting, weather systems sent into calamitous confusion, beach weather lingering well into January — might be at best misguided, at worst dead wrong. Think “The Da Vinci Code” with real facts, violent storms and a different kind of faith altogether.” (


The Satanic Gases: Clearing the Air about Global Warming – click here for more
Climate of Fear – click here for more
Books disproving the pseudo-scientific, politically-motivated myth of dramatic global warming. Climate of Fear can also be read online. (none, sites from CATO)
Libertarianism : A Primer – click here for more
A great introduction to libertarianism. If you need to be introduced to the politics of freedom, this is the book to start from. David Boaz states the case for libertarianism with clarity and simplicity. For a shorter and less expensive book, the popular Economics in One Lesson is also available. (
Junk Science Judo : Self-defense against health scares and scams – click here for more
You’ve read the web site ( and now the book is out. I don’t know about the book, but if its quality is as high as the web site, this is probably a great reference. (
Socialism : An Economic and Sociological Analysis
This landmark book by Von Mises explains why socialism in any shape or form – on the economical aspects, that is – is bound to failure. Socialism fails on allocation alone (there is no “offer-demand” analog in a communist society, for example), but Von Mises takes no quarters. (
Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use
“Saying Yes is a powerful refutation of the pharmacological prejudices underlying the war on drugs. Jacob Sullum highlights the injustice of punishing people for their politically incorrect choice of intoxicants.”
– Nadine Strossen, president of the American Civil Liberties Union
John Stossel videos (
Capitalism : the Unknown Ideal – click here for more
Capitalism is the unknown ideal. In a world dominated by “Big Brother” and his little brother altruism, only libertarianism and capitalism can give us the ideal society, not only for the individual, but for the progress of all. A poignant defense of freedom. (
Ur-Ine Trouble – click here for more
Urine testing and drug testing are no better than a coin toss. These devices built on little more than superstitious belief can accuse you of having drugs in your bloodstream even if you only ate common foods and snacks. Get the low-down on how to better pass drug tests and not be taken unaware. (