Rudy Giuliani

Join Rudy’s team and help support strong Republican candidates.

A Libertarian Future, Now

Designer Evolution: A Transhumanist Manifesto (New York: 2006)

Limited Government

Americans for Limited Government defends freedom across the nation.

Sociology Articles

The New York Times is a valuable resource for students and faculty.


The tradition and charm of Portugal in a spectacular natural setting

Higher Consciousness

Seeking to Expand? University Of Metaphysical Sciences

Hilarious Anti-Bush Gear

Shop the funniest, most outrageous Bush-bashing gear on Earth!

Free State Observer

Discover the libertarian grassroots movement in New Hampshire!

Conservative Ringtone

Get This Ringtone on Your Phone. No Charge – Don’t Pay – Get it Now!

The Field Center

how consciousness creates reality; an extraordinary eight-week course.