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Welcome to the page on sociolibertarianism, the system of political and social freedom. This new system is a form of libertarianism, but with an emphasis on the importance of a free market of structures and communities.

The three basic differences between sociolibertarianism and libertarianism are : the elimination of political power, the presence of contractual structures in all domains and in all possible voluntary respects – social freedom – and a complete opening of all legal markets to private interests, even governmental functions.

This is a sub-site of If you do not know what libertarianism is, you should consult it.

Bienvenue sur la page du sociolibertarianisme, le système de liberté politique et sociale. Ce nouveau système est une forme de libertarianisme, mais avec une emphase sur le libre marché des structures et des communautés (par opposition au municipalisme).

Les trois différences essentielles entre le libertarianisme et le sociolibertarianisme sont : l’élimination du pouvoir politique, la présence de structures contractuelles dans tous les domaines – la liberté sociale – et une ouverture de tous les marchés légaux aux intérêts privés, même les fonctions gouvernementales.

The Liberator
The Community Idea – My solution for the progress of libertarianism.

What is sociolibertarianism ?
Limit cases and sociolibertarianism – Limit cases do not disprove sociolibertarianism : they only confirm it as the optimal alternative.
Yelling “Fire !” in a crowded theater – a short overview on applying the Choice Criteria to potentially destructive actions.
Sociolibertarianism and Ted Kaczynski – why political and social freedom are obtained by sociolibertarianism, not by tribal anarchy.
Contractual limit cases – Another analysis of limit cases, this time on contractual tendancies. Does the possibility of general contractual prejudice show that sociolibertarianism can be suboptimal ?Natural rights – two ways by which we can deduce the proper form of government, and their consequences.
The Constitution of Utopia – my attempt to write an ideal constitution. Here is the corresponding image and document structure. Also, here is the Utopian Codex.

La nouvelle libre-association – Une discussion de la liberté sociale et de la notion de communautés contractuelles.