Most important articles

General politics

The Fallacy of Collectives : what common good ? – There is no such thing as “society” or the “common good” – only individuals. The only way to achieve a prosperous society is thru the harmonisation of individual action, not collectivism.
Natural rights – two ways by which we can deduce the proper form of government, and their consequences.
Is humanity progressing ? – Three recent studies permit us to evaluate whenever the state of the planet is improving.


Happiness in slavery – an extensive explanation of libertarian principles, and a rebuttal of common socialist fallacies.


An evaluation of capitalism vs statism – My long examination of the whole issue of economics – the evidence for capitalism or statism.
Just the facts, ma’am : statism in numbers – A list of numerical facts that disprove statist claims.
Good greed and bad greed – Is greed a social evil ? A discussion of greed and its consequences in capitalist and statist systems.
Capitalism is not corporatism – Resolving the confusion of many people between capitalism with corporatism.
Eliminating taxes : a brief example – An explanation of how a government can easily replace taxes, and a practical example.
Economic Evolution – by Pete Geddes. The market is a fluid, personal process, not a fixed state that can be manipulated. This is why free people are best apt to pursue their own economical interest in a capitalist system.

Against other ideologies

The failure of democracy – It’s time to stop apologizing for democracy, and effect a change.
At what price democracy ? – An estimation of the annual death toll on democracy in the United States today.
The anarchistic ideal – an examination of the premises of anarchy, and why they fail.

In-Depth on Issues

How to ruin the American health care system – A statistical overview of the defense of freedom in health care.
Regulated Education – Does the recent OECD study prove that socialist countries have better education ?