Books to read online

Healing our World (Mary Ruwart)
Nation, State and Economy (Ludwig Von Mises)
Natural Rights: A New Theory (Richard D. Fuerle)

Reciprocal links

Dan’s Political and Controversial Site – a lot of great political links, from parties to just plain wackos.
Importance of Philosophy – an Objectivist web site that discussed common concepts and errors in philosophy, including politics.
Less Government ! – Less Government is a mostly libertarian web site with some unusual and interesting features. I’ll keep a look on these guys.
50 Minute Hour – Young and heady with freedom, libertarian Amy Phillips comments on the state of the world and the stupidity of others.
e-libertarian – A new web site for the Libertarian community. All sorts of areas where you can post.

General links – an introduction to libertarianism. – Likewise, an introduction to capitalism.
The Capitalism Site – the “unknown ideal” on the WWW. Despite being affiliated with the ARI, this web site is the first place to look for information about capitalism.
Capitalism FAQ
Russell Madden’s Home Page – a web site much similar to this one, with lots of published articles.

Free State Project – a project to establish libertarianism in an American state. Will they succeed ? If you live in the States, it’s worth a try.
Healing our World – an entire book online, by Mary Ruwart. Show this to your liberal or religious friends, as this is her target audience.
Harry Browne – the man needs no introduction. Read what he has to say about current issues.
The New Libertarian Manifesto
Freedom News – “FREE-MARKET.NET is the libertarian portal (…), the world’s most comprehensive source for information on liberty”. Also witness the constant erosion of freedom, as reported by various news sources.
Doing Freedom ! – A practical magazine on how to be free in our modern society. Self-made firearms, evading governmental programs, and more.
Atlas Economic Research Foundation 
Libertarian Victory Fund – If you intend to run as Libertarian at any level, you have to check out this site.
Lesson Plans for Ideas on Liberty and The Freeman – Lesson plans based on reason and sound economics, for teachers or homeschoolers !
Revolution – Intellectual ammo for freedom fighters. – So, how about *real* privatization now ?
MSAL mailing lists – A flurry of libertarian mailing lists on Yahoo that you can subscribe to.
Some Responses to Mike Huben’s “A Non-Libertarian FAQ” – By David Friedman, a response to this popular anti-libertarian “FAQ”.
Libertarian Celebrities & VIPs
Comprehensive Listing of Notable Libertarians

Lists of links : Build Freedom, Worldwide Capitalism Web, Libertarian International Organization, Line On-Line

On the issues

FEE’s Liberty Forum – A place for discussing serious economics. Also look around the FEE web site.
Ask Dr. Ruwart – She answers your questions on libertarianism ! Don’t take it just from me.
Tax slavery sucks – For young people who are tired to be the butt of the government’s jokes. – A fight for the youths victim of this most uncivilized herding.
Free Market Medicine – Finally a web site that talks about the horror called socialized medecine.
Institute for Health Freedom – An organization that monitors the status of health care in peril.
We the People – An organization using ads and public awareness to fight income tax.
Abortion is pro-life – Stopping the hypocrisy of the anti-choice brigades on abortion (warning : ARI content ahead).
Clichés of politics – Liberals always repeat the same old clichés against freedom. Here is a site that devotes itself to understanding them.
Cross Circuit – Sharp political humour in Flash animations. See especially Janet Poppins.
The Liberty Dollar – A new currency backed by silver, with the goal of eschewing the current dangerous governmental money system, but with little success so far.
Biotech Knowledge Center – This web site is sponsored by Monsanto, a biotech corporation, but is the best resource I found so far on biotech. It gives concrete information on the good sides of biotech, something that eco-fascists never do.
Stop – Learn the truth about the polygraph. – Check which schools have censorship practices, and how to fight them.
The Courage to Heal Debunked – About the psychologically, socially and legally destructive scam book “Courage to Heal”.

Warfare – Is there a more worthy cause than try to stop wars ? Of course not.
End Selective Service
The Truth About War
Draft Resistance

Anti-statist environmentalism/”animal rights”

PERC – This center for free market environmentalism discusses and highlights peaceful, capitalist environmental solutions to environmental problems.
Center for Private Conservation – Studies and initiatives of private conservation.
Eco- Imperialism – Green Power. Black Death. – A site on the destructive effects of statist environmentalism on the third-world.
Endangered Species Act:The Greatest Con Game of All – by James Bidinotto.
PETA – People Eating Tasty Animals – Finally someone against the PETA eco-nuts.
AnimalRights.Net – “Debunking the animal rights movement”. Excellent informational resource.
Capital Research Center – The inside scoop on environmental organizations.
Bad Geology – maintained by Steven Schafersman.
George Marshall Institute – A science-based site with FAQs on climate change.

Property rights

Defenders of Property Rights – “Defenders of Property Rights was founded in 1991 to counterbalance the governmental threat to private property as a result of a broad range of regulations”.
Castle Coalition – A group fighting against Eminent Domain action. You can also get information and order an Eminent Domain Survival Kit.

Pro-globalization, anti-protectionism

The Benefits of Globalization – From CATO Institute.
A Primer on Trade – An introduction to the concepts of international trade.
The mobilization over globalization – A spotlight, with news and commentaries.

Minimum wage and living wage

Living Wage Research – Describes the state of the United States as regard to living wage laws and the living wage, anti-work movements.
Employment Policies Institute – A center of information on the research done on minimum wage and living wage effects.

Government genocides

Museum of Communism – The opposite direction from capitalism is communism and its system of trampling on human rights. Here is a museum dedicated to the history and horrors of communism.

War against organ trading

Organ Selling – This web site has a lot of information, Q&A; and activism info about the ban on organ selling.
Organ Keeper – We are the only ones who don’t profit from the organ business. Organ Keeper exposes this health care cartel.

Gun control

Firearm Image Library – These images send a powerful message of freedom and self-defense. An artistic as well as political statement.
Firearm Image Library – These images send a powerful message of freedom and self-defense. An artistic as well as political statement.
Keep and Bear Arms : Operation Self Defense – Lists news items about people saving their lives or property with firearms.
Helping Criminal’s Inc. handy states’ guide – A simple guide to United States travel. Learn which states are “safe” (i.e. where criminals can shoot with impunity), and which are not.
Armed – The events of Sept. 11 must push us to end gun control, in planes as well as in all of society. We are still not safe.

Drug war

Drug Policy Alliance
Center for Cognitive Liberty
Drug Peace Campaign
November Coalition – Protesting the war against drug users. – Send a fax to Bush to stop the drug war.

Anti-PETA, anti-vegans

People Eating Tasty Animals – It’s time to oppose the eco-nuts who think we have no more worth than other animals. They sure don’t seem to mind trampling on our rights, anyway.
People for the Ethical Treatment of Algae
Boulder Vegetable Rights Association


Clonaid – Human cloning is one of the most vital issues in medecine today, and governments attack our right to use it. Although it is led by Raelians, Clonaid is one of the first serious cloning companies.
Human Cloning – An important nexus in the defense of cloning.

Racism in the government

Adversity.Net – “A Civil Rights Organization for Color Blind, Race Blind, and Gender Blind Justice”.

Minority rights advocacy

iFeminists – Finally a feminist organisation that doesn’t hate women (or men, for that matter).
Independent Women’s Forum – Idem.
Capitalist Chicks – Are there capitalist women ? If you’re one, this site is for you.
Pedophilia education web site – An informational web site about pedophilia, and the myth of child molesting (as it also exists with other sexual orientations, such as homosexuality). Also see the IPCE.

1984-style revisionism

The Memory Hole – Anyone who still trusts the media to report news (let alone truth) won’t after reading this site.

Help for you

To circumvent blocking software, go to PEACEFIRE.
If you ever need to pass a drug test, and can help you.
Negative Drug Test is the latest and most up-to-date, sophisticated and accurate detox formula ever developed to detox your body and help you to obtain a Negative Drug Test and pass your drug test.
Institute for Justice
Guidelines for Finding a Public Interest Law Firm – This is intended to help you if you need someone to help you in a discrimination case. Find legal help to uphold your rights !


Drug War Clock – How much money is wasted, people arrested, and HIV infections not prevented because of the War on Drugs ?
World Population Clock
Social Security Calculator – How much money are you losing because of public Social Security ?
US National Debt Clock
WWW Gun Defense Clock

Other services

Libertarian Clips: The Libertarian News Clipping Service

Some shops

Libertarian Yellow Pages
Advocates for Self-Government
Liber-Teest-shirt store
Free World Trading Company t-shirt store
The Libertarian Video Store – Many videos for sale from John Stossel and Ayn Rand, as well as others. Check it out.
The WE THE PEOPLE online store
Loompanics Online Retail Catalog
One – Give the gift of equity – shares in a company of your choice.
fakefags – stickers to cover the state-imposed ads against smoking on your cigarette packs, if you live in the UK.

Subversion (use with caution and judgment) The art of shoplifting
Nuclear bomb making made easy