Libertarianism 2

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The Liberator
Canning the Sardines – Eminent Domain laws have no place in a civilized society.
Money for nothing – Why, and how, we should eliminate taxes forever.
New World Order hijinks – The UN/EU bogeyman is coming…
Drugged-out Olympics – Anti-drug natter pisses me off, but the Olympics coverage was a prime culprit.
Deregulation fever – Why the present course of deregulation in the American government can only lead to economical destruction.
Child Labour – The political and educational movement to chain our students to “voluntarism”, and what you can do if you are one.
Hitler Pizza – The Political Correctness movement perpetuates discrimination and racism.
Sacred Genes – Genetics is the future – but we’re not ready for it.
Taking a Napster – A discussion on the Napster trial and its implications.
Gotta ban ’em all – the Pokémon banning craze is just part of the hypocrisy of socialist education.
Britain No More – because of two far-reaching socialist bills, the UK is going to pot.

Education is killing our children – The lack of ethical education in schools is killing our children.

The Nolan Chart, expanded – Here is an expanded version of the famous Nolan Chart, that also includes anarchic ideologies.
At what price democracy ? – An estimation of the annual death toll on democracy in the United States today.
A is for… – A little ABC of libertarianism.
Natural rights – two ways by which we can deduce the proper form of government, and their consequences.
Why taxes are the ultimate evil – completes “Money for nothing” by describing the process by which taxes can effect all political evil.
Discussion on the possession of discovery – as it says.
The anarchistic ideal – an examination of the premises of anarchy, and why they fail.
Do not pass go, do not collect 200$ – why the Microsoft trial is based on false principles.
Ban Tinky winky ! – censorship is worthless in all its forms.
Happiness in slavery – an extensive explanation of libertarian principles, and a rebuttal of common socialist fallacies.


Articles or data from other authors
Bonjour Wal-Mart? – by Louis James. Opposition to big business, and Wal-Mart in particular, is based on outmoded socialist bromides.
The Myth of the Social Contract – by Tim Starr.
The War Party Versus Global Capitalism – by Jim Lobe.
Why Government Must Be Abolished – by Brad Edmonds. The problem is not that some people are unfit to rule : everyone is unfit to rule.
Bush as Fake Free-Trader – by Sheldon Richman. Putting to rest the idiotic myth that right-wingers support capitalism.
A Sales Pitch for Laissez-Faire Health Care – by Daniel B. Klein. The benefits we can expect from the privatization of health care.
Kyoto: Do the Math – by Patrick J. Michaels. Whether you believe in man-made global warming or not, Kyoto is a statist ploy, and a bad bet.
Biases of the Intellectual Classes – On society’s “intellectuals” and their attraction to statism.
Rolling Back Government: Lessons from New Zealand – by Maurice P. McTigue. The voters of New Zealand succeded in implementing a libertarian reversal to a disastrous economy.
Remarks to the Commonwealth Club, By Michael Crichton – The religion of environmentalism and its tenents : and why we must reject it as just another religion with a salvation dogma of its own.
The Top One Percent Includes You – By David R. Henderson and Charley Hooper. To talk about poverty in North America is to live in ignorance.
Let’s Make Earth Day A Religious Holiday – by Robert James Bidinotto. The fallacious environmentalist dogma is fast becoming a popular religion.
Scientific advanced made thanks to animal experimentation – by Huntingdon Life Sciences.
Citizenship: the state’s way of saying it owns you – by Perry de Havilland.
Stop Making Pills Political Prisoners – by Lawrence Lessig . Trying to lower medication prices shows the lack of value politicians place in helping the third-world.
Why They Hate the Market -by Art Carden. People hate the free market even though it has raised our standard of life to new levels. Art Carden explores why.
International Atrocity Day – by “Darwin Copernicus”. It’s easy to raise heckle about 9-11 or the Holocaust, but atrocities are commonplace on Earth.
The United States of America has gone mad – by John Le Carre. “America has entered one of its periods of historical madness, but this is the worst I can remember: worse than McCarthyism, worse than the Bay of Pigs and in the long term potentially more disastrous than the Vietnam War.”
Global Warming: The New National Academy of Sciences Report – by Patrick J. Michaels. The NAS report from 1991 shows a more balanced view of global warming than we hear about in the media, including an indictment of socialism as a pollution-generating system.
George Bush, the liberal – by David Bernstein. There is no more difference between the Republicans and the Democrats in the US.
Did the Industrial Revolution bring misery? – by Dr Madsen Pirie.
Who Really Cares For The Uninsured? – by Dr. Robert S. Berry. Universality of health care service will only be achieved by a deregulated private sector, not government inefficiency.
Bring back DDT: Eco-imperialism is killing African children – by Margaret Wente. Millions of people die thanks to the statist greenies.
One Drop of Government Is All It Takes – by Brad Edmonds. If we justify government intervention in one area, then that justification can apply to any area. We have to realize that such reasoning is fundamentally faulty.
The return of Horatio Alger – by Tyler Cowen. Some statistics that show that, despite America’s faults, vertical mobility is still a fact of American life.
Is War Necessary ? – by Harry Browne. War is inevitable, so long as we give politicians the power to meddle in our lives and in the lives of foreigners.
Organ Donations: Socialism or Laissez-Faire? – by Adam Young. We have two choices : permit a free market for organs, or keep exploiting donors without pay and letting people die on waiting lists.
Is Socialism Good in Theory? – by Sheldon Richman. The final answer to that tired political pick-up line, “socialism doesn’t work but is good in theory !”.
The war against success – by Thomas Sowell.
Lifting the Wool: Governments Are Mafias, War Is Their Racket – by Alan Bock. It’s obvious, but no one dares say it.
Coffee, Tea, or Should We Feel Your Pregnant Wife’s Breasts Before Throwing You in a Cell at the Airport and Then Lying About Why We Put You There? – by Nicholas Monahan. A horrific, true story of airport statism.
Why we didn’t remove Saddam – by George Bush Sr. and Brent Scowcroft. Published in TIME (2 March 1998).
Mysterious Decline-Where Are the Men on Campus? – by Philip W. Cook and Glenn Sacks. Our vile one-size-fits-all education system is having new bad and unforeseen effects on male/female education.
Economic Evolution – by Pete Geddes. The market is a fluid, personal process, not a fixed state that can be manipulated. This is why free people are best apt to pursue their own economical interest in a capitalist system.
End the Income Tax – by Ron Paul. A short speech given by Ron Paul supporting his proposition of a Liberty Amendment, which would have made income tax unconstitutional again.
Demolition Men – by Stephen W. Stanton. What is the meaning of life ? And more importantly, should we impose it on other people ?
A Primer on Trade – by Mark Brandly. An introduction to free trade and the principles underlying both itself and its opponents.
Myths about voting Libertarian debunked – author unknown. Some answers to the typical “what’s the use of voting Libertarian anyway ?” questions.
Defending our ‘Freedoms’ – by Harry Browne. Which freedom (and whose freedom) are we supposed to be defending exactly ?
The War of the “We” against the “Me” – by PJ O’Rourke. A brief speech on the absurdities of collectivism. (outside link)
The Myth of ‘Limited Government’ – by Joseph Sobran. Is democracy really better than being governed by a monarch ? A reflexion on the two worst systems in history.
The Tragedy of Boromir – by Gene Callahan. The answer to the “blind spot” of Objectivists and libertarians, warfare and terrorism.
The Nice State – by Pierre Lemieux. The various forms of state, and their degradation.
Abolish the United Nations – by Russell Madden. The UN’s “New World Order” communist shenigans seem to be never-ending.
I, Pencil – by Leonard E. Read. Nobody understands how complex it is to produce even a simple lead pencil.
The Greatest Good – by Russell Madden. Another socialist fable based on the evils of altruism. (outside link)
Harrison Bergeron – by Kurt Vonnegut. The ultimate liberal dream. Read it once, then try not to have any nightmares. I dare you.
Killers Kill the Killer – by James Ostrowski. It is common to observe that government isn’t very good at anything. But there are exceptions. It is well practiced at the art of killing. (outside link)
Radical Organizing – Important documents for organizing rebel groups and fighting for freedom.
Economics and inflation in one lesson – by Mark Skousen et al. Your crash course in economics. A must-read for anyone who wants to understand politics at all.
Greenspan’s monetary fling – An overview of why depressions occur, according to Austrian economics. (outside link) Here is an archive.
Assassination Politics – an essay by Jim Bell, the famous libertarian cyberpunk, on the possiblity of replacing governments, police and judiciary system by private organizations. I disagree with his basic anarchist premise (that we should leave justice in the hands of the people), but a lot of the theoretical points here are worth reading.
NOTE : This article gave Bell a long trip in prison. The government does NOT want you to read this.
“Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death” – the speech that started the American Revolution (March 23, 1775).
Wit and wisdom of Harry Browne – From Browne’s little booklet of A to Z (from the US Libertarian Party).
The Unabomber’s Manifesto : Industrial Society And Its Future – This manifesto needs no introduction. Ted Kaczynski’s call for the destruction of the technological-industrial complex is flawed in its conclusion (especially because of the communautarian libertarianism alternative), but his propositions are thought-provoking. (outside link)

Texts, images and others (outside links)

Another two-dimensional model of politics
Capitalism versus socialism
Pro-life is anti-freedom
Critique of Marx’ “Communist Manifesto”Why Star Trek is communist (by Michael Wong, outside link)
From ethics to politics
The Bill of No Rights (by Lewis Napper)Test : are you an Libertarian ?
The Objectivist pledge of allegiance
Democracy Man (comic by Shannon Wheeler)
Teen Ink Blot goes on rampage across US (comic by Ruben Bolling)
Scarring a child for life : priceless (from
Page from a 1911 pahmplet (from, American Chemical, 1911)
A Republic
Quebec : Anti-Separatism
Gun Control
The “abortion problem” and children rights 
Cults and Communism
My life of Hell at the hands of the capitalists (by the London Capitalism Web)
I gave up a little liberty (by Hugh Emerson)
I would like to apologize (by Patricia Neill)
PC Primer (author unknown)
Politics is a pseudo-religion (by Michael Wong, by email)

Who is John Galt ?