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Libertarian Party commercials
C-SPAN Harry Browne in 2000 – Videos of speeches by Browne during the 2000 election. Only the first ones are still up, but it’s a great listening.
CATO – new ads against Social “Security”
Listen to Peikoff’s introduction to Objectivism.


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The topics so far are public education, genetic research and marijuana decriminalization.
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Main articles

We are not our brothers’ keepers – We should not blame corporations for “exploiting the Third World”.
Just the facts, ma’am : statism in numbers – A list of numerical facts that disprove statist claims.
Britain’s Sad War – It’s painfully obvious that gun control causes more deaths, but it looks like even the latest cases of Britain and Australia is not sending the message.
In the Good Old Days… – Our lives would be so much better without industrialization.
How to ruin the American health care system – A statistical overview of the defense of freedom in health care.
Shining a laser in your face – Do property rights crumble against the action of firing a laser at someone’s house ? Hardly.
Fraud does not prove anything but fraud – The recent wave of corporate fraud has made commentators falsely decry capitalism as unable to establish honesty.
Why Libertarianism is the only solution to war – Freedom is more conductive to peace than statism. Without taxation and interventionism, we can achieve world peace.
Is humanity progressing ? – Three recent studies permit us to evaluate whenever the state of the planet is improving.
Good greed and bad greed – Is greed a social evil ? A discussion of greed and its consequences in capitalist and statist systems.
Has Libertarianism fallen ? – Fukuyama is wrong in his claims that foreign policy and biotechnology disprove libertarianism.
The government takes a vacation – A city in Maine has decided to put its government in vacation.
Capitalism is not corporatism – Resolving the confusion of many people between capitalism with corporatism.
Organ trade is moral – Why we must break the statist laws against the organ market.
An evaluation of capitalism vs statism – My long examination of the whole issue of economics – the evidence for capitalism or statism.
Capitalism’s limit cases ? – Does the free market fail in some particular contexts, and does that justify government intervention ?
The Fallacy of Collectives : what common good ? – There is no such thing as “society” or the “common good” – only individuals. The only way to achieve a prosperous society is thru the harmonisation of individual action, not collectivism.
Regulated Education – Does the recent OECD study prove that socialist countries have better education ?
Intention and crime – The war against the Taliban brings up the whole question of what is a criminal action, a question which is sadly ignored.
Measuring progress – We should strip the subjectivism out of measures of progress, and establish objective, concrete measures.
Cheering the eternal losers – The government has lost virtually every single social and foreign war it has ever waged, and yet we expect these losers to take on terrorism.
WTC attack : thank gun control – Thank to gun control, terrorists took over the planes with knives. We have no one to blame except ourselves.
The World Drug War – It’s time to declare the end of this bloody war led by the public police and world governments.
The virtue of discrimination – Some people think the freedom to associate or not associate is a problem of libertarianism, but rather it is its chief virtue.
Aborting human rights – The anti-choice movement in abortion is based on false premises.
The true environmentalists – Only the free market supports the environment and nature in any meaningful way.
Eliminating taxes : a brief example – An explanation of how a government can easily replace taxes, and a practical example.
The failure of democracy – It’s time to stop apologizing for democracy, and effect a change.