From a rational perspective, Libertarianism is the political position which is based on natural rights. In the words of the Québécois Libre :

Libertarianism is simply people realizing that government does not work (and cannot work), and that society flourishes more and people are happier when people exchange and trade voluntarily than with force.

That is observable, both deductively and empirically, in every domain of life. As points of example, I could name the recent reports of performance difference of private vs public schools in the US, socialized medecine in Canada vs mixed medecine in the US, or the extremely wasteful and politically-motivated systems of public charity vs private charities.

“What do libertarians believe in? In a few words, they believe that individual freedom is the fundamental value that must underlie all social relations, economic exchanges and the political system. They believe that voluntary co-operation between individuals in a free market is always preferable to coercion exerted by the State. They believe that the role of the State is not to pursue goals in the name of the community. The State is not there to redistribute wealth, « promote » culture, « support » the agricultural sector, or « help » small firms, but should limit itself to the protection of individual rights and let citizens pursue their own goals in a peaceful way.”

Libertarianism is a subset of MINARCHISM (i.e. small government), and is not related to ANARCHISM or SOCIALISM – they are different positions. See the glossary.

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