Libertarian Thinking ! Censorship

Censorship designates actions that are designed to restrict one’s speech, like banning certain words or categories of texts and images. It is used by the government, as well as by corporations dealing with speech, to limit people’s freedom to express themselves. The reasons for this are various : political power, government regulations, lack of personal responsability and restraint in dealing with unusual speech, and such.

Censorship done by public organizations, even in exchange for protection or sustenance, is against the right of free speech. For example, forcing public schools and libraries to install censorship software is undesirable, since it attacks a person’s right to free speech. This is even more true when done in your own home or property.

This does not infringe on the right of individuals to refuse to associate with anyone, even if you own a means of communication. Such censorship against a customer is simply another incitative for that customer to leave and try to find a more tolerent “host”.

Some misguided people preach that we need to censor the media in order to make the world safer for our children. This is irresponsible rhetoric at best. The role of the state is the protection of the people’s rights, not to be a surrogate mother to all children. Unfortunately, socialist governments, public censorship and public education have dulled parental education to nothingness.

If your rights are being attacked because censorship software has been installed on your equipment, consider using the Peacefire anti-censorware program or accessing web site thru Safeweb, if this option is available to you.